Factors Influencing the Potency. What does Men’s Power Depend on?

Men’s libido depends on a variety of different factors – from the temperament to the overall health condition and bad habits. The most common reasons of sexual disorders include:

• Obesity and cardiovascular diseases. Extra body weight is a serious obstacle on the way to a happy sexual life. The matter is that this stored fat has a negative impact on male hormones. It inhibits male hormones and stimulates female hormones production. This is why overweight men often have a low libido. In addition, they get tired more quickly, and any physical activity including sex is a serious load for them. Overload influences the entire cardiovascular system, causing disorders in blood circulation. Erectile function depends on blood circulation quality, so, we can see that both obesity and heart diseases can cause erectile dysfunction.
• Age. Specialists say that with the course of time all the processes in the organism are getting slower, and testosterone level decreases approximately by 1 percent a year. This is one of the reasons of decreasing of sex desire and sex power in aging men. Healthy, well-balanced nutrition, sports, activity and mental health will help to maintain sexual health much longer.
• Alcohol abuse. Alcohol is harmful to all inner organs and systems. Regular use of strong drinks reduces testosterone level and influences sensitivity and libido. Heavy alcohol addictions are usually associated with impotence.
• Work. First of all, this refers to office workers, who spend all day long on their computers sitting on the chairs. A sedentary lifestyle has a negative impact on metabolic processes and causes congestion in the pelvic organs. Besides, very often, such work is associated with stresses and mental and psychological overfatigue. The solution is simple: move more and think less. And don’t sit by TV or a computer after work. It’s better to have a good walk in the park.
• Anxiety and fears. This can be a result of inner psychological complexes or previous unsuccessful sexual experience. In any case, anxiety and constant fear of failure often become a cause of sexual disorders. In fact, a man just can’t relax, he doesn’t feel confident, and the result is no erection. To overcome this problem, it’s necessary to consult a psychologist or maybe a psychiatrist.
• Problems in relationships. If there is no understanding, love, or mutual sex desire between the partners, sexual life becomes unsatisfactory too. Negative feelings towards the partner eliminate sexual desire.

Though the reasons for erectile dysfunction are different, the result is usually the same – problems with erection and sexual failures. Fortunately, modern drugs help to overcome erectile dysfunction regardless of its reason. For example, Cialis is an effective and long-lasting remedy for the treatment of ED of any etiology. To eliminate the reason of the disorder completely, you need time, sometimes, much time. And Cialis effectively eliminates the consequences quickly and naturally.