Five tips that can help you save good sex relationships in family.

Which of us did not want honeymoon to last forever? It would be nice to have sex as hot as in the start of the family life. Unfortunately, the time is running and former passionate lovers are almost indifferent to sex. Sexologists believe that the cause of bad sex in family life is not in sex techniques, but in everyday habits of partners. So, how to save the good sexual desire for a long time?

Tip 1. Wear sexy dress
Watching even the most beautiful naked body can make one bored over the years. Therefore, you shouldn’t run naked at home all the time. You have to wear attractive clothes not just before going out, but also when you stay at home. Sexy clothes improve sexual desire.

Tip 2. Do not forget your sense of shame
Unfortunately, we forget to close the door on time or to hide used sanitary napkins. Males and sometimes females like to throw dirty socks and underwear in the laundry basket. Our sloppiness can destroy sexuality over time. You have to be neat and respect each other. If one of you is sloppy, ask him to be more attentive and keep clean and tidy.

Tip 3. Do not constantly complain about life
Naturally, we would like to complain about everyday problems to the darling. Of course, we find hearing and understanding. But are you sure that daily whining will not get on their nerves? One day your partner will be overfilled with it and will go away. Eternal complainers aren’t sexually attractive. Instead of talking about the hardships of life, one can try to find optimistic and interesting conversation topics. The easiest is to take topics for nice conversations from common events. Theater, cinema, concert visits give the charge of the most beautiful emotions, which should be shared with each other. These events help to paint the gray everyday life in colorful colors. Partners can read aloud to each other, such thing will bring back former tenderness.

Tip 4. Talk with your partner about your insults
The level of communication between the partners is reduced with the increase in family responsibilities and the establishment of more stringent daily routine. Partners gradually move from the positive interpersonal communication to the negative and destructive one. They hoard up insults and keep them in themselves. It is so difficult to make sex when one is angry with a partner. So, if you’re going to bed, you’d rather leave your insults out or do not make any sex at all. Instead of trying to be silent, first try to talk about your problems, reconcile, and then go to bed.

Tip 5. You should have solitude and time for yourself
Sleeping together in bed and cuddling can be pleasant, of course, but only during the first years of the marriage. Later, it would be better to sleep in separate beds or even in separate bedrooms. Not every woman likes when her partner sees her sleepy face without make-up. It is well-known that noblemen always had single bedrooms. And it was sensible, as each spouse could keep his/her own space.