Healthy Diet for Healthy Sexual Life: Best Products for Men’s Power.

Our health to a large extent depends on what we eat. And men’s sex power is not an exception. Unhealthy eating patterns cause various problems with sexual health – from lack of libido to erectile dysfunction. A well-balanced diet, on the contrary, helps to improve and maintain both sexual drive and potency. The thing is that sexual function depends on the state of other inner systems and organs, in particular, the cardiovascular system, the endocrine system and nervous system. So, to be sexually healthy one should consume food products that have a favorable effect on these systems. What are these products?

1) Proteins. Meat has traditionally been considered “male” food. But keep in mind that not all sorts of meat are equally healthy. Red meat and meat products with high content of fat can have an adverse effect and cause problems with heart and vessels as well as an increased cholesterol level. A healthy diet includes low-fat meat (beef, poultry), some sorts of sea fish (flatfish, salmon) and almost all sorts of sea fish. The best approach is to alternate meat and fish dishes.

2) Zinc-containing products. Zinc is the main element responsible for testosterone level. Products with a high content of this element are germinated grain, boltings, nuts, wholegrain bread, seeds, mushrooms, meat (especially liver and by-products), eggs, milk. Replace white bread made of refined flour with whole grain bread, and fatty meat with meat by-products.

3) Spices. Ideally, it’s recommended to replace salt by spices, which not only improve digestion but also serve as aphrodisiacs – substances increasing libido. For example, ginger, pepper, caraway seeds, thyme, cinnamon, vanilla, as well as garlic and onion improve potency.

4) As for drinks, it is recommended to replace coffee with milk and sugar with green tea with lemon and honey. A good solution is natural grape juice. And of course, you’d better abandon alcohol. At special cases, a couple of glasses of red dry wine can be taken. However, say goodbye to beer. It is an enemy of erection and men’s power. Besides, beer is a source of female hormones.

What are the Worst Products for Potency?

A killer of sexual health number one is alcohol. It has a negative impact on all systems and organs, destroying the cardiovascular system functioning and reduces sexual desire. Only very small doses of strong drinks are allowed. A killer of potency number two is all types of heavy food with a high content of saturated fats, refined sugar, and empty calories. Such food raises cholesterol level, causes obesity, metabolism disorders, and problems with blood vessels.

Finally, as a general rule of thumb, try not to overeat. Overeating doesn’t contribute to sexual power. Following these recommendations, you will increase the overall level of energy and improve sexual health. And for the maintaining good erection until old years, use only high-quality drugs with proved efficiency, such as Cialis.