Healthy Lifestyle: Simple Exercises for Maintaining Sexual Power.

Over the recent decades, the number of men suffering from erectile dysfunction has grown all over the world. Some years ago, a large-scale social research that was aimed at defining an approximate number of men with sexual disorders of different types was conducted. The anonymous survey involved men aged from 20 to 75 years old. The results were overwhelming. About 50 percent of men at the age of 45 have prominent symptoms of the erectile function, and about 35 percent of men from 45 to 60 years have ceased sexual life. Meanwhile, only in 30 percent of cases refusal of sexual life is initiated by women. In most cases, initiators are men. Specialists associate such a sudden growth of sexual disorders mostly with the lack of motion and sedentary lifestyle. Today most men even in small towns have cars; they spend a lot of time by TV and a computers, and modern appliances exempt from physical work.

As it is known, passive way of life kills the men’s power. A healthy man should work physically a lot, to train his muscles, develop his durability and strength. Otherwise, all the important functions of his organism, including the sexual function, get weaker and weaker. Of course, not everybody has time, resources and desire to go in for sports professionally or do the heavy lifting. However, every man can at least do some simple physical exercises, which will help to maintain sexual health and preserve a good erection longer. Here are some of these exercises:

• Marking time. A kneels should reach the navel, the back is straight, and arms at side.
• Hold arms at hips, and do knee bends. Buttocks are tense, than relaxed. Repeat this exercise several times.
• Imitation of running in place with heels lifting only. The back should be straight and a kneels slightly bent. Duration – from 1 to 5 minutes.
• Lay on the floor, bending, kneels and spread eagle the legs. Arms should be rested along the body. Move the pelvis up and down, trying to hold up in the upper position for 4-5 seconds.
• Lay on the floor, bending, kneels and spread eagle the legs. Tense and relax the muscles between the scrotum and anus.

These exercises are quite simple, however, they can effectively prevent congestion in the pelvic organs, which, in turn, prevents, erectile dysfunction. If you move little, don’t forget to make this complex at least once a day in order to avoid unexpected problems with potency. Also, they can be used in addition to medication treatment of ED. This method of prevention is absolutely safe and doesn’t take much time.

Of course, though physical exercises are very useful, they are obviously not enough in the cases of developed erectile dysfunction. Then medication treatment is required. One of the most progressive drugs for ED treatment is Cialis, which is famous for its prolonged effect of up to 36 hours, effectiveness and high level of safety. The combination of medication and non-medication treatment will give the best results and let you strengthen your sexual health.