Methods of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment and Erection Improving.

Methods of erectile dysfunction treatment can differ and depends mostly on the reason of the disorder. In any case, first and foremost is to eliminate the cause, not the effect. Then there are all chances that ED will be cured completely. However, sometimes it is impossible to cure it. Then the treatment will include inhibiting the consequences. This is usually done with the help of PDE-5 inhibitors. A new-generation drug of this category is Cialis that has a long-lasting and natural effect and deals with manifestations of ED successfully.

Sometimes medication treatment of erectile dysfunction is not required. ED very rarely comes alone. Usually, it is a sign of another more serious disorder. If this disorder is cured, erectile function is restored. Depending on the cause of ED, solutions can be the following:
• Diseases of the genitourinary system. First of all, it is necessary to cure the infection itself.
• Bad habits – drinking, smoking, drugs. Elimination of the cause is essential. After the bad habit is abandoned, one can pass to restoring the erectile function with the help of special exercises and medicines.
• Overloads, chronic fatigues. The first thing to do is have a good rest. Think of changing your lifestyle, spend more time in the open air. Walking, healthy nutrition and enough sleep can help to restore erectile function without medication treatment.
• Obesity, overweight. Regular physical exercises, changing the mode of nutrition and active lifestyle help to get rid of ballast in the form of extra fat, which, in turn, contributes to sexual health restoration.
• Phobia, anxiety. Sexophobia can be caused by unsuccessful previous experience, the sensation of pain during sexual intercourse, personal psychological reasons. If the disorder has a purely psychological nature, a course of psychotherapy including hypnosis can require.
• Low testosterone level. In this case, a doctor can offer a replacement therapy. Erectile dysfunction has all the chances to disappear with the increasing of testosterone level.

However, sometimes, just eliminating the cause is not enough. Also, ED is often caused by cardiovascular or chronic diseases that can not be cured completely. In this case, more serious treatment, aimed at the inhibition of ED symptoms, is required. Methods of symptomatic treatment include:

• Medication method. The most popular drugs are oral pills – PDE-5 inhibitors. If for some reason taking of these drugs is impossible, doctors can recommend injections in the penis.
• Vacuum therapy is aimed at the stimulation of blood circulation in the cavernous body of the penis with the help of a vacuum apparatus.
• Operative treatment is used only in exceptional situations when other methods don’t work. It involves surgical interference into the functioning of blood vessels of the penis.
• Reflex therapy includes several kinds of alternative medicine: acupuncture, needle therapy, hippotherapy and some others.