Sex vs. marriage: why does sex desire disappear in married couples?

Marriage can destroy good sex. The recent research shows that married people’s interest in sex is gradually decreasing. At the 1st year of marriage, many male & female persons complain about the lack of sex desire to a sexologist.

Why do married couples have less sex?

According to the pools, 41% of the unmarried partners have sex every day, while only 6% of the married couples do the same. One-fifth of the young families state that they are lucky enough to have sex once a week. Furthermore, 14% of male persons and 13% of female persons violate the marriage-bed during the 1st year of the family life. The most common problems are the monotony of sexual life, desire deficiency, boredom in bed, automatic movements. People, who drive each other crazy before the wedding, have less and less sex with each year. Why do they lose their sex desires and bright colors of life?

Sex vs. marriage

Marriage is a wave-like process, with good and bad times, that affects sex drive. During family life, partners learn new sides of each other. If a husband or a wife appears too far from the model their spouse painted earlier, sexual relationships may be destroyed and love desolated. If enlightenment goes painlessly and the couple continues to live as before, despite the disadvantages of both sides, another crisis can occur in the fifth year of marriage when a husband simply gets tired of the monotony.

Married women complain that sex is getting shorter and shorter with as the years go by men neglect the foreplay and sleep immediately after the orgasm. It is pointless to reproach them. To change the situation, do not try having sex in bed – you can try it in other places though seemingly uncomfortable. A non-standard situation will force both partners to act outside the usual framework. The problem of some couples is that they are always looking for the most comfortable conditions for sex that eventually can destroy sexual life. American sexologists decided to clarify the circumstances in which a person can experience the best sexual feelings. The survey showed that it happens when people have sex in an unexpected place or in a place, which seems to bring discomfort or awkwardness.

Married male persons complain that their wives are no longer flirting with them and don’t wear erotic clothes and underwear. It should be noted, that both partners have to remember the romantic period of pre-marital relations and try to always look desirable and sexy in their partners’ eyes. It is very important for sex life.

What to do?

Do not panic if you still love your partner, have harmonious relationships, but make sex less often than before. Our sexual habits often depend on advertising and television, so nothing makes you realize your potential in work, creation or child rearing. It is necessary to improve the quality of communication between the partners, to treat each other with respect and understanding, to share feelings, thoughts, and dreams with each other. Pay more attention to romance and sensuality.