Some researches on how premarital sex influence future family.

What is the secret of a long and happy marriage? And what is the reason of many marriages being short-term and usually formal? A lot of people are looking for answers to these questions. The research, which was conducted at the University of Utah, has very interesting results. The group of scientists, specialized in the family problems, examined more than two thousand couples. They came to a much-unexpected conclusion. But let’s start from the beginning.

Historical aspect

In the time of the sexual revolution in the United States, a lot of people often claimed that many couples were simply unhappy in marriage because of the fact that sex wasn’t an important thing in their family life. The supporters of this theory were convinced that the cause of family disintegration was often the sexual dissatisfaction and lack of sexual education of married partners. The virginity before marriage became a rarity. The quantity of long and stable marriages was steadily decreasing. The processes of child rearing in incomplete families affected this situation. The psychologists have long established that the people who grew up in the incomplete families had more difficulties with forming a happy family than those who were reared by a father and a mother.

Studies’ results

As it turned out, the young people, who had not entered into sexual intercourse with their partners before marriage, divorced 22 percent less frequently than their counterparts. They had the most responsible attitude to their spouses. However, the fact of adultery was more painful for them. The research led to another much-unexpected conclusion – regardless of religious belief, education, life views, spouses who have sexual relations only in their marriage, commit adultery less than those who had sex before marriage. Specialists from Brigham Young University believe that the research results are connected with the fact that couples who had been waiting for some time before they started to have sex, learned how to better understand each other. In addition, such couples know how to work together in order to solve critical issues that may arise in their joint family life.

Society’s attitude

How does a society relate to this conclusion? As it turned out, it is not so embarrassing in the US to marry a virgin. On the contrary, the number of followers of the purity of relationships is increasing.
The most interesting thing is that in the show business, there are many propagandists of such relationships. Abstinence from sex before marriage is supported by actress Lisa Kudrow and the guys from “The Jonas Brothers” band. By the way, the former member of this band, Kevin Jonas, who married in 2007, says that he did not enter into an intimate relationship with his fiancée Daniela before the wedding. And now the couple is happy.
Well, new studies are very interesting. It may well be that researchers are right in their findings. Because really, the more sex education is taught in schools, and even kindergartens, the more people talk about the benefits of civil marriage as preparation for the legitimized relationship, the more families are disintegrated.