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At BestCialisOffer.com, we always strive to give the very best to both our customers and the people who visit our website for information. An important part of ensuring that the BestCialisOffer.com community enjoys the best facilities and experience possible lies in the establishment of clear guidelines. These guidelines are meant to define and direct the operations between our teams and customers as well as between our customers themselves. They are contained in our Terms and Conditions as outlined below and we strongly advise that you take a few minutes and read through them right now. You will not be asked to sign any agreement on this but the use of our website will imply direct consent to these terms and conditions and any issues resulting from your use of the website will be recognized according to the provisions outlined herein. Note that BestCialisOffer.com reserves the right to adjust, change or abolish any part of these Terms and Conditions at any time and without issuing any prior notice.

Content Policy

We are committed to helping people with erectile disorder to find meaningful information and medical solutions that can help them deal with that problem. As part of that commitment, we are always posting useful medical information as well as the latest developments in erectile dysfunction and research. This information is posted regularly on our web pages and our blogs.

What can you do with our content?

Visitors and users of our website are free to read all public information and share it on social media websites. It is however important that such shared information be linked back directly to the original articles on our website and blogs or proper attribute be given to the original source of the information on our platforms.
Our content is meant to be interactive so feel free to share your opinions on different articles within the comment section below each article. We expect users to be respectful and civil when posting any comments on our website otherwise they risk being sent out of discussion forums and blocked from commenting.

What you should not do with our content

Users are not allowed to copy any content from our website and post them on another website or blog without written permission from BestCialisOffer.com. Contravening this provision will be equated to plagiarism and will be dealt with accordingly. Any content that is shared in this manner must still link back to the original content on our platform and should give proper credit to the original authors.

Account Policy

Once you sign up and provide full information on our website, an account will be created in your name using which you will be able to access our services. Note that providing false or inaccurate information at signup will be considered as a direct violation of our terms and conditions and will attract disciplinary measures determined by BestCialisOffer.com including legal prosecution.